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Your “non-profit” organization can really “clean up” through my FUNdraising Program. It’s pretty simpleā€¦.no paper work, no inventory, no door to door selling

How It Works

  • We will select a month for your organization to be featured at our car wash.
  • Choose a unique four (4) digit code for your organization.
  • Share this code with friends, family, business contacts, acquaintances, and anyone who owns a car and tell them to visit us as often as possible in your featured month.
  • Once at our site, press “FUNDRAISING” on the autocashier touchscreen.
  • Enter the four (4) digit code on the screen and select either a 2-stage or 3-stage car wash.
  • Add an additional amount if desired.
  • Pay with Cash or Credit Card.
  • Your organization receives 20% of every selected wash and 100% of any additional contributions.
  • Our computer system monitors and totals the selected washes for your organization
  • After the sales month expires, Speedy Green will issue a check made payable to your organization
  • Your members can also buy a fundraising gift card and 10% of the purchase goes to your organization.

Click here for your fundraising card!

We have created fundraising cards that you can download, print and distribute……they provide your organization name, month to visit and code to use. It is simple and we use the standard Avery template 8371….all you do is insert the pre-cut sheets into your printer.

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