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Speedy Green Advantage

Our wash uses sophisticated energy management technology to save electricity
and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are Green:

We recycle 100% of the water that falls off your car in our tunnel. We use biodegradable chemicals and supplies. We even have special filters on the storm water that leaves our site.

Our People:

Our goal is to recruit individuals who reflect our values in appearance, attitude and effort. Some people say we are “old school” in these values. We are confident you will see the difference.


We appreciate how important your time is and everything we design and do has this in mind. By providing easy and fast access to our products, services and web site we enable you to maximize your time.


Our car wash menu has three options under $10 and on Wednesdays you can take advantage of our $3 Splash n’ Dash. Plus we offer, FREE Vacuums with ALL our washes.



A Clean Machine:

Our tunnel is custom designed to provide the safest and best performing car wash on the planet!

Clean Wheels and Shiny Tires:

There is a saying that “wheels and tires make the car”. They are also the hardest part of the vehicle to clean. Our custom process takes wheel cleaning and tire shines to a level that we believe should be the norm.

Touchless Air Dryers:

We customize our dryers to blast off the water in a manner that leaves your car clean and dry. There is no need to wipe down your car after a Speedy Green wash.

Spot Free Rinse:

It costs a lot to use spot free water in our final rinse arch, but, we believe it is what sets a great wash apart from the rest. Spot free rinsing ensures that your car will look great and not have water spots all over it.